Lyoness versus BeeSavy: Clash of the Cashback Titans

Written on:March 11, 2012
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The cashback program report gave an evaluation of cashback programs from the standpoint of compensation plans. And when the dust had cleared, only two programs remained as Grade A programs: Lyoness and BeeSavy.

Now it is time to assess these programs from a number of criteria.

Compensation Plan

Money is a major factor, needless to say. BeeSavy‘s plan is A-grade, head and shoulders above almost all in the industry except Lyoness and here’s why:

  • In BeeSavy, you will never earn money from your sponsor — the affiliate linking is unidirectional. In Lyoness the affiliate linking is based only shopping activity. So, if your sponsor, out-shops you, then he goes below you and helps you and vice versa
  • BeeSavy offers 7 levels of referral: you will never receive any compensation for the people beyond that level. Lyoness offers infinite degrees of referral compensation
  • BeeSavy has two income streams: personal cashback and friendship cashback over 7 levels. Lyoness’ 2nd income stream is over 2 levels, but the 3rd and 4th income streams are over infinite levels. Not only that, but there are 5 more income streams beyond these.
  • In BeeSavy you have a single referral matrix based on your efforts and your downline. In Lyoness, you have personal, national and continental referral matrixes, so that the entire community shops and profits together based on activity level, not who-referred-who.


BeeSavy wins hands down here. You can sign up in seconds and it’s free for the sponsor and the sponsored. It costs the sponsor $1.50 to sponsor you into Lyoness and in Phase 2 countries (everywhere but Austria, Romania, Hungary and Czech Republic) you must make a qualifying purchase ($225, $450, or $3000) within 21 days.

Lyoness grows simply by human connection only. It has done so for 8 years and each year has doubled membership. And when the registration process includes things like bank account information and SSAN, you can bet that only trusted parties are going to connect.

Shopping Experience

BeeSavy has a good comparison shopping engine but of course you are limited to online shopping whereas there are 4-ways to shop in Lyoness: online, gift cards, Lyoness card, mobile phone.

So the BeeSavy site is more user-friendly, but dont expect to go into a local merchant and swipe a cashback card for discounts anytime soon.

Freedom of Members

You are not free to produce your own videos regarding Lyoness. It is grounds for termination from membership. You also cannot present Lyoness without official training. BeeSavy does not appear to have any such restrictions.

Country Availability

Lyoness is international, BeeSavy appears to be primarily a US company.

Merchant Pool

Both companies have good merchant pools.


Lyoness has an unmatched compensation, designed to create a completely connected worldwide shopping community. BeeSavy has a powerful compensation plan, but it is limited to 1 single downline of shoppers. On the other hand, BeeSavy is much easier to work with from an online affiliate marketing standpoint.